Business Lines

Business Lines

Characteristic of our assignment

 Micro, Small and Medium Business Enterprises (MSMEs): Business Enterprises face different obstacles in achieving competitiveness and becoming preferred choices of their segments. Local studies and surveys show that majority SMEs don’t prepare business plans, and a few who prepare; do so when there is an opportunity for funding. In addition local SMEs perceive strategy formulation as a concept applicable for large businesses.

GMBDC believe that, enterprises need to develop strategies not just for accessing funding, but strategies that enable them to achieve competitiveness. We assist them in producing such plans by carrying business diagnostics using powerful tools and suggesting practical solutions to their enterprises. We train marketing and sales personnel on how to improve personal sales competence, negotiations, prompting and responding to sales enquiries. We carry out needspecific studies and surveys. We also carry out marketing promotions in various ways including road shows.

Development Actors: We recognize the need by result-oriented donors and implementers of development projects to optimize the result of their interventions while ensuring effective and efficient utilization of their scarce resources. Selecting proper sites, picking the right beneficiaries, focusing on the actual needs and expectations are some of critical considerations in optimizing results of development interventions. We partner with donors and implementers of development projects to ensure effective and efficiency start up and management of development projects and programmes through carrying surveys for identification of areas requiring development interventions, selection of right targets for interventions, facilitating the process of developing project documents for funding, capacity building of implementers through training; and carrying monitoring and evaluation.

Support Students in Local Business Schools: Low entrepreneurship culture in Tanzania can be attributed to a number of factors; critical ones include current local business schools curricula and the teaching methodologies which aim at helping students to obtain good grades and secure better jobs; not starting, owning and managing their businesses. Using effective global tools and models, we organize trainings that aim at promoting entrepreneurship spirit in the country. We use local case-based training materials to deliver practical skills for entrepreneurship; our focus being on applicable skills, knowledge and experiences. We believe, students in selected business schools prefer applicable knowledge and skills that enhance wealth creation to just academic certificates.

Project Management: We believe, effective project managers are made and the process starts right from training institutions. However current school curricula lack practical focus and local touch. We use local cases and accumulated knowledge and experiences in managing development projects to train project managers. We aim at meeting not only the needs for acquisition of knowledge and skills but also meeting the expectations of becoming effective project managers. We have employed trainers with demonstrable practical training skills and experiences.

Management Performance: Enterprises operate in national and international environments; where they acquire resources and continue to operate. Critical resources include information & know how, human, financial & physical, and network & relationships. While the role of managers is to secure these resources and apply them in business tasks content (processes) in order to reach the goal of enterprises; the acquisition and utilization of resources requires a series of rational decisions. We assist managers to select most important business tasks so as to reduce management efforts and concentrate efforts through careful business definition and strategy design