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Management team GM Business Development Consult Limited (GMBD Consult Ltd) possesses a unique combination of diverse skills, training, knowledge, and experiences to serve our clients. Our staffs also possess vast experience in working with International companies Private Companies, Tanzanian government and public international agencies: In short we have the following competence in consulting business:

  • We have employed best personnel who have the required skills, experience and knowledge about the products we offer
  • we have high quality customer care where our clients are first in all aspects of our business relationship,
  • Business and professional ethics are the pillar in meeting customer interests and priority,
  • We respect our client’s confidentiality and the trust they have placed in us.

 Board of directors The company has 5 shareholders who also serve as Member of board of directors. The Board of directors is comprised of  people with different competencies, experience and profession in the consulting business who provide advice to the Managing Director on the day to day activities of the company.

 Managing directors The current management Director has more than six years working experience in working with the international organization in different positions and area of expertise.

 Core resource personnel The company has employed 5 people as core resource personnel who have different background skills and experience to meet the demand of our clients

Furthermore the company has also entered into agreement to with partners who work for company in special contracts in particularly in large assignment. We are therefore proud of the diverse skills,experience and competence of the resource personnel we have in our portfolio

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GM Business Development Consult Limited (GMBD Consult Ltd) is a limited company registered in Tanzan
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